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Impressions and clicks quality

Quality of impressions and clicks

Worried about the quality of traffic? Not with Coinzilla. We select our publishers carefully so we can deliver you only the best ones. As a plus, our system filters the traffic and assures a great experience for all of our customers.
Simple fair pricing

Helpful Support

You've got an issue? We're here to help! Our support will assist you with any technical issue. You are our number one priority and we'll do our best to solve your issues in minutes.

CPM Advertising

One thing is for sure, Coinzilla's traffic will grow your earnings and increase your ROI starting from your first campaign.
Effective ad formats

Effective Ad Formats and Display Zones

Choose between our variety of Ad Formats and Display Zones that we have prepared for you. We've tested them ourselves and then we selected the best converting ones so you can succeed with them too.
Mobile and Desktop Targeting

Mobile vs Desktop

Don't know which one to choose? Try both with Coinzilla. Specially selected Ad Formats for increasing conversions and ROI and a great selection of publishers is what makes Coinzilla your best advertising partner.
Website Targeting Ads

Simple website targeting

With Coinzilla, all the traffic is great. It's hard to find the best sources that deliver great traffic, but we do know for sure that everyone has a favorite, so we've implemented Website targeting in order to target your favorite publishers.
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