How can I become a publisher?
Just click on "Earn Bitcoins" button, complete the form and verify your account. Simple as that.
What is "Pending Funds"?
Pending Funds are a measure to protect our advertisers from fraud traffic. Your earnings will initially transferred to Pending Funds. After a period of 7 days those funds will be released and available for withdraw.
When I will be paid?
Your funds can be withdraw after an holding period of 7 days. After 7 days you can withdraw your earnings instantly.
What are the fees for withdraw?
There is a fee of 0.0001 BTC applied to every withdraw.
What is the minimum amount for withdraw?
Minimum amount for withdraw is 0.001 BTC.
I will be paid for clicks or for impressions?
You are paid for both.
Can I ask my users to click on ads?
Absolutely NO! Users should click on advertisements just because they are interested in.
You accept adult websites?
No! Coinzilla Network accept only bitcoin related websites.
What sources of traffic are not accepted?
You can see that on our Terms of Service page.
I get less impressions in my dashboard than in other networks, why?
This is because we pay only when the user view the banner; if the banner is placed on the bottom of the page and the visitor don't scroll enough to see it, you won't get paid. This is a measure to be sure that advertisers pays only when a banner is viewed.

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